While Las Vegas native Jenni McKenna was growing up, she witnessed her father Tim’s success in real estate and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Along with her husband, Max, Jenni is part of The McKenna Team and McKenna Property Management.

Her father started over 30 years ago and has managed over six real estate offices as well as served as the president of Prudential Southwest Realty and broker for multiple companies. When Jenni came to work for her father, they built a successful father-daugther real estate team in 10 years. The McKenna Team sells residential real estate focusing on excellent customer service and loyalty. In 2005, Jenni turned her focus and energies to creating and operating a successful property management company.

“I spend most of my time working with McKenna Property Management,” she explained. “In 2005, Dad and I were brainstorming, and we saw that the market was going to make a big shift. We wanted to be prepared for it. We had a number of investors who were asking for good customer service in a property management company. We felt we could take the skills we learned in real estate and create this business. We grew from 25 properties to 1,047 properties.” Clients came primarily by referral. Excellent customer service is Jenni’s absolute No. 1 priority with her businesses.

The McKenna TeamBefore going into business, Jenni was a professional ice skater and represented Nevada when competing. When she graduated from Valley High School, “Disney On Ice” recruited her for a three-year tour. While on the road, Jenni took correspondence courses to learn about business and real estate. When she returned home, her father put her to work immediately.

She is the mother of two teenaged daughters and one son. Her oldest daughter will graduate from high school this year and will be attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas. They were part of Jenni’s motivation to be positive in everything she does. “I wanted my girls to have someone they could look up to and see that they could run a successful business and still have everything else,” she explained. “It has been a priority of mine to not only give everything I can to my clients, but also to be a mom. We attend all of the soccer games and all of the theater performances. Anything going on with my children, I am there. I did this by setting up a company with phenomenal team members, so if I have to go do something, I have a team that can step in and take care of my clients in the same way I would, and everyone is happy.”

Jenni’s daughter Irelynn has expressed a very strong interest to join her family in the business and even take over her mother’s position. “While it will be a long time before she can take over, this makes me very happy as a mom.”

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