Becky Solomon comes from a background of owning franchises offering yummy food while teaching preschoolers. Today, she is one of the co-owners of Wingtime, a new concept that celebrates the love of chicken wings and fingers tossed in a selection of amazing sauces. While she and her family taste the new recipes, including the sauces, and give feedback, Solomon does all of the marketing and participates in a number of expos and other events.

In fact, she worked in the franchises before she married her husband Michael and has 20 years experience in the fast casual restaurants including cookies and sandwiches.

“We enjoyed working within a franchise but we wanted to do something original that we could be creative with recipes and what we offered,” Solomon told

While Solomon admits that there are benefits and drawbacks in working within the structure of a franchise, “This gives us the opportunity to make changes are needed and be more fluid with the business.”

A resident of Las Vegas since 1996, Solomon moved to be closer to her parents. she originally got into teaching because her mother was a teacher and taught in the Clark County School District. Solomon then switched to job development and human resources for several years. After getting married, the two of them worked in the franchises they owned as well as started their own family.

After taking time for her children and work in the business, Solomon now teaches pre-school students as well as works with her husband. A mother of three sons, Solomon is extremely busy with her children’s sports and the youngest is a science guru.

One exciting development for Wingtime is the development of desserts on the menu. “We are testing out fried cookie dough or edible cookie dough. We are focusing on desserts over the summer and then participating in the World’s Largest Mixer in September.”

The family gives back through Wingtime in schools and is always looking for ways to help the community.

“We are here for our customers and to provide the freshest and best product possible,” she stated. “I am proud of Wingtime, happy to be a teacher, loving wife and mother and successful businesswoman.”

Wingtime is located at 6572 N Decatur Blvd. For more information, call (702) 476-8999 or visit