I love to inspire women to step out and just do it; conquer whatever is holding them back and to reach their goals, whether it is becoming a better speaker, leader, influencer or taking on that big, scary task they always meant to accomplish but didn’t quite have the courage to face. I have a no-nonsense approach; I am an honest and authentic tell it like it is girl who encourages people to face their fears head-on and understand that being uncomfortable is a cornerstone to the best growth.

Last year I realized I was playing too small. I had a brainstorm to open up space for a small, close group of women to come and share intimate matters in what I call, “Women & Conversations.” It starts with an organic, powerful question, no agenda and the room elevates very quickly.

So far, every 90-minute conversation has created breakthroughs and “ah-ha moments” cracking open the hearts for women to start the healing process. My associations, affiliations and business have allowed me to help a vast array of women who are craving guidance, leadership and that safe place to tell the truth.

So many of us live our lives from the past, which stalls our present and distorts our future perspective. Through committed leadership, I help women reshape their current and future worlds by not staying stuck in what happened to them—the event, the tragedy, the unthinkable.

Most women feel that they have had to live up to certain standards or roles someone told them to play, and they are afraid to stray from these confines. I call this predicament FIMAGE, or “fear of image.” I help them get beyond their FIMAGE to see who they really are at their very core.

I have been mentoring women in Las Vegas for the last 15 years. I take leadership seriously and always appreciate masterminding with great leaders who inspire, support and hold me accountable. My desire to continue growing my leadership works on all sides. It offers me CANEE “constant and never-ending evolution” from a life and leadership perspective.

I know that my work in this world is with women on a worldwide level. I love the thought of bringing women together and am committed to growing and connecting with them.

Would you like to drop your baggage and set yourself free with a proactive vision for your life and CANEE?

Do you know what you want and what you love?

Are you playing too small?

My passion and love is closing win-win deals, mentoring and being a difference maker in the lives of others. Stay tuned for my first Advance (retreat) coming in the fall of 2019.