NV Energy Goes Above and Beyond

[clear] When was the last time someone went above and beyond for you? Was it a coworker who jumped in to help on that big project at 4:45 pm on a Friday, or the neighbor who visited multiple grocery stores to find sanitizing wipes for your family? As the Visionary Partner of United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN), NV Energy is going above and beyond for the success of our community. Meet the eight women who are helping to drive that success as NV Energy’s Women United members and learn how they are uniting to create a stronger Southern Nevada.

At NV Energy, employees take pride in making an impact in the community. “Volunteerism and philanthropy aren’t just supported, they are enthusiastically encouraged,” said Lisa Drake. “They say teamwork makes the dream work, and I’ve always felt that at NV Energy; it really is a team effort when we support our community together.”

Courtney LaPoint agrees, saying: “By working for a company that actively supports the community through philanthropic giving, I know that the company is behind me and supports the decisions that I make, like volunteering and being a part of Women United. I know that the company helps the community!”

Many employees, like Judy Stokey, choose to help the community by investing in UWSN. “I have supported United Way for decades,” Judy shares. “These services have turned lives around, kept families together, put food on the table, and helped keep children in school. How can you not support such a great community partner?”

For Angel Williams, the collaborative power of United Way of Southern Nevada inspires her to give back. “United Way serves as a core organization that rallies and organizes donors, volunteers, nonprofits, and government entities to address our most urgent community issues,” she says. “When I support UWSN, I’m actively engaged in getting at the root of problems and working through collective action to improve our community challenges.”

This collective action is driven by a committed group of donors, including Women United. The women who make up the group are finding new ways to strengthen the community and create a stronger Southern Nevada. “When Women United was founded as the Women’s Leadership Council, it was a perfect fit for my donation and interest to serve!” shares Sandy Dewees, a long-time Women United member and NV Energy employee.

For newer members like Ebony Cleveland, events like the Luncheon Fashion Show and Fall Suit Drive show the group’s connection to the community. “After a few events, I finally decided to join forces with the diverse group of women who enjoy improving the lives of others, especially women and children,” she says. “It feels great to be a part of an organization playing an integral part of empowering women and building the next generation of leaders.”

Women United is investing in tomorrow’s leaders through their support of UWSN programs, but they’re also developing leaders in their ranks. “I have met so many powerful women in the organization that have encouraged me to use my voice, speak up and take charge in both my professional and personal life,” shared Karen Johnson. “They continuously motivate me to strategically participate in and advocate for community programs that I am passionate about in order to build a stronger community.”

Even during a pandemic, the community-building work of Women United doesn’t stop. As Fatima Bouzidi shares: “All the events around this year—more than any in the past—are a reminder for us to pull together, help and support each other no matter where we come from. Being a member of Women United is my reason to be grateful and share what I have been blessed with.”