7 Proven Tips That Will Help You Stop Smoking

We are going to assume you are reading this, either out of interest or more importantly, that you wish to give up smoking, so what you will not be reading here is a list of reasons why stopping smoking is highly beneficial for your health. We presume you already know that it is, plus all the negative consequences of smoking for one’s health.

So, we will instead outline 7 proven tips that thousands of smokers have used to help them stop smoking, and stop for good. We list them in no particular order as that would suggest one of them is more likely to work than the others. The problem with that is that each individual will react positively or negatively to specific stop smoking techniques. So, choose which appeals to you most, be it #1, or #7, or indeed all of them.

#1: Give Yourself An Extremely Powerful Reason To Stop

Nothing will keep you motivated more in weaker moments if stopping smoking is a means to an end. By that we mean you set yourself a powerful reason for stopping with examples being around to see your grandchildren grow up, using the money you save to send your children to college or to buy yourself a new car.

#2: Tell Everyone You are Stopping

Nobody likes to admit they are weak-willed or a failure, and whilst it might be a negative motivation, the important point is that they still work. So, tell as many people as you can that you are going to stop smoking, and in addition, ask them to encourage you if they ever see your resolve is weakening.

#3: Prepare For What Is To Come

The more you know and understand what you will feel and experience as your wean yourself off cigarettes the better. Read whatever you can about the withdrawal effects and how others dealt with them, for example. Also, read positive stories too from others who have quit smoking and their experiences.

#4: Seek Professional Help And Support

If you have fears and doubts about being able to stop smoking on your own, then it is perfectly okay to seek professional help, guidance, and support. Any financial cost you invest in these will be more than paid for by what you save from not buying cigarettes or potential future medical treatments required due to smoking.

#5: Avoid Substitutes

This may be somewhat controversial, but as it is nicotine addiction that makes it so hard to stop smoking, it seems counter to your goal of stopping, to continue putting nicotine into your body be it via gum or patches. The goal is to end your addiction to nicotine, not simply swap the means of its consumption.

#6: Keep A Stop Smoking Journal

Lots of people who have stopped smoking swear by this. Keeping a journal can be therapeutic as it allows you to write down your thoughts in those moments when your yearning for a cigarette is at its highest. You also feel a great sense of achievement as you read through your progression to becoming a non-smoker.

#7: Reward Yourself At Each Milestone

Whilst the ultimate rewards for stopping smoking are better health and a greater bank balance, they should not be the only ones. Great motivation is to give yourself rewards at each milestone, such as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or the first time out with friends who smoke and resisting any temptation to smoke too.