How To Ensure You Employ The Best Landscape Architect

Even if you regard your garden as relatively small, should you wish would give it a new lease of life with some landscaping from, then you need to ensure that you choose your landscape architect with care. This applies even more so when you have a very large garden and the amount of work that is likely to be required is going to be significant.

When we say that you need to use care, that is not to imply that the landscape architect sector is rampant with cowboys and rogues. It is quite the opposite with the vast majority proving to be diligent, dedicated and highly skilled professionals capable of designing incredible landscape designs. However, there will be the odd bad apple as there is in every industry or business sector

More importantly, you want to ensure that the landscape architect you employ is one you have confidence in, that seems to understand your preferences fully and is happy to implement them where they can, and is someone that you feel you can trust to complete the work as agreed. To get to that point there are several steps you can take and questions you can ask to ensure that the landscape architect you employ is the best one.

Decide What You Want To Be Done First

Before starting your search take a moment to determine exactly what landscaping design work you need doing. Is it the full garden or just a section? Do you want lots of mand-made features or is it to be all plants? What about walkways, lighting, privacy and so on? Once you have decided then you can draw up an initial list of landscape architects who advertise the services and skills you are looking for.

Take Your Time

Our second piece of advice is simple, but also crucial, and that is, do not rush your search. A landscape design is not a five-minute job, nor should the search for the landscape architect who is going to create it. Do your research thoroughly and without cutting corners and it will pay dividends.

Research Them Online For Reviews And Feedback

With the way the Internet operates today it is a great resource when you wish to research anything. That is especially true when researching local businesses and professionals. Those who are active will have reviews and testimonials which you can find located on their website, and sites like Google and Trustpilot.

Check Out Their Professional Accreditations And Qualifications

As well as looking for reviews, you also want to establish any potential landscape architect’s credentials relating to qualifications and professional accreditations. Whatever the local or national professional body which applies where you live, check to see if they are affiliated, Also look for them being listed in your local chamber of commerce.

Can They Point You To Other Landscape Designs They Have Created?

With something as creative as landscaping design, landscape designers and architects who value their skills should be more than willing to show off their work. This should mean that they can point to gardens and landscapes which they have designed so that you can see up close and firsthand if the standard of their work stands up to scrutiny.

Will They Provide A Written Quote Will All Costs Included?

This is where alarm bells should start ringing if any landscape architect you are considering is not willing to provide you with a written quote, nor one which has itemised costs. This invariably means there could be hidden costs and the final price you are going to pay will be higher than first agreed. Any landscape architect who is a professional and above board will happily provide you with a written quote and also guarantee the price.

Do They Offer Warranties And Guarantees?

Finally, you should only give the work to a landscape architect that can back up their work with a guarantee or warranty. This can relate to the time for completion, any damage which they might cause, and that the materials used and construction of anything created within the design meet the necessary quality standards.