Contributing Writers Terms and Conditions

By submitting the application, the contributing writer agrees to Las Vegas Woman Magazine’s (LVWM) standard terms and conditions, including, but not limited to:

– Article submissions need to contain at least one (1) image, landscape orientation, high res.

– Contributing writer agrees to submit a 300-500 word MINIMUM article per quarter. More articles can be submitted.

– While a byline for the written article will be printed, a writer may NOT use the online or print publication “Las Vegas Woman Magazine” to reach out to marketing or public relations firms, food and beverage establishments, entertainment, conventions or any other business to secure media credentials. All media credentials affiliated with “Las Vegas Woman Magazine,” whether online or in print, must come from its management. Writers may request credentials to specifically cover something for “Las Vegas Woman magazine” but permission must be secured from management and management will reach out to the appropriate contact.

– Contributing writer will not be monetarily compensated.

– Submitted content may not defame or slander any business, product, person or service.

– Submitted content must be original content, and cannot be re-spun or contain previously published content.

– LVWM reserve the right to approve or deny article submissions.

– LVWM reserves the right to edit all submitted content.

– Contributing writer represents that any image, artwork, content, text or other copyrightable material given to Las Vegas Woman Magazine and www.WomanMagazine.Vegas is either owned by contributing writer, contributing writer owns exclusive rights of copyright and/or has obtained, in writing, the legal right of license, which authorizes the duplications of such materials. Contributing writer gives Las Vegas Woman Magazine and www.WomanMagazine.Vegas full rights to use the image, artwork, content, text or material submitted.

– Contributing writer agrees to indemnify and hold Las Vegas Woman Magazine and www.WomanMagazine.Vegas harmless for all cost, damage, expenses, including attorney fees and court cost which directly or indirectly may arise from any material supplied by contributing writer.