By Christine McKellar 

Gluten, Soy and Dairy Allergies Got Your Sweet Tooth Down?

Here’s to healthy bodies and sweet delights

Heather Strang wears many compelling hats in her blog. Among them is a bonnet for those who have mild to severe food allergies. Strang has a gleeful lust for tasty gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low-sugar goodies and recipes. A real gem under Strang’s “wheat-free” blog category is Kinnikinnick Foods: this Canadian-based gluten/wheat/nut free food manufacturer promises overnight delivery (North America) of a veritable feast of yummy treats, desserts, waffles, pizza crusts, breads, buns, bagels and snacks.

Keep That Bikini Bod All Year Long

Summer is gone … but not forgotten

Summer is once again only a sun-splashed memory, but that’s no reason to let yourself go. If anything, now is the time to create a fall/winter fitness regime and diet that will allow you to enjoy the upcoming holidays without splitting seams. Chock full of goodies like cardio training, daily workouts, nutrition, supplements and weight loss, there are links on this blog to just about everything a woman needs to take control of, and enjoy, the holidays.


Ring My Bell: I’ll Make Your Wish Come True

Tales only a Las Vegas concierge could tell

Where does one draw the line between necessity and excess? According to concierge Mariann Mohos’ compilation of service personnel true stories, not in Las Vegas. A tongue-in-cheek frolic with hints of human compassion, the book lends itself well to airplane rides, beaches and areas where a simple diversion is welcome. Available in paperback or e-book on Amazon, this chronicle from the persevering, patient and creative caretakers of the tourist industry in Las Vegas rings the room service bell.

“You Want What???” By Mariann Mohos, $17.95 ISBN: 978-0-9832366-6-5

Silence Can Be Broken

Gerritsen weaves a tale dark and broody

Best-selling author Tess Gerritsen takes readers into Boston’s Chinatown and into the mind of widowed martial arts master, Iris Fong. Detective Jane Rizzoli is called to the scene of a severed hand. Forensic discoveries send Rizzoli into Fong’s orbit. A horrific decades-old crime resurfaces and untangles a web of depravity that entraps the women in its snare. Both are strong, intelligent and licensed to kill in self-defense; yet are they a match for clever, sadistic fiends?

“The Silent Girl” By Tess Gerritsen, ISBN: 978-0-345-51550-6


Beat the Bull AND the Bear

It takes a woman to run Wall Street

There is Wall Street, and then there is Natalie Pace.  If you’re like me, do NOT point a portfolio in my direction. Been there, done that and lost my hat.  HowEVer, Pace offers handy “takeaway” tips, hi$torical tidbits, and the interesting concept of “making love with money.” And, that doesn’t mean the Man with the Money.  You want to get rich and stay rich? There’s gold in them thar pages. You just need to do the homework.


“You vs. Wall Street” By Natalie Pace