5 Tips For Dealing With Nerves Before Your Dental Implant Treatment

Although to many who have never had the treatment, having dental implants might not seem anything like major surgery, to an individual who is due to have that treatment, it is likely that any nerves and any fears, will be at their peak in the days and hours immediately before their appointment.

It is only natural for us to feel some level of trepidation before any medical procedure and given that a visit to the dentists in the past might have been a particular source of worry, it is perfectly understandable that someone feels a significant degree of nervousness on  the eve of their dental implant procedure. There are plenty of ways you can calm your nerves, and although alcohol or drugs might be the solution for some people , we emphatically say these are not the answer.

Instead, please try to follow one or more of the 5 suggestions we have outlined below so that on the hours prior to  your dental implant procedure, you are calm and as nerve free as possible.

Tip #1: Gather As Much Knowledge As You Can

One of the ways you should try to counter any nerves is to ensure that you know as much about the process as you possibly can by asking your dental practitioner to give you lots of information. This is something which good dentists make a point of doing for all our patients during the consulting stage and in the period leading up to their treatment days. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can about your dental implants and the procedure to fit them.

Tip #2: Try To Get As Much Sleep As You Can The Night Before

This advice is often given with regards to any stressful situation that we might be facing the next day, and the reason it is often mentioned is that it works. Our mental and emotional health are improved if we have had sufficient sleep, and that will certainly apply on the night before your dental implant procedure. Avoid too much caffeine during the evening, ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature and advise your family to avoid disturbing you during the night.

Tip #3: Get A Friend Or Family Member To Travel With You To Your Appointment

We will give this advice anyway if you choose to have general instead of local anaesthetic. Nevertheless, even if you opt for local anaesthetic, we suggest you get someone else to drive you to your appointment, as this avoids you getting stressed in traffic or angry with other road users when you should be trying to stay calm. A friend or family member can also give you emotion support and encouragement should you be particularly nervous prior to the surgical procedure.

Tip #4: Use Relaxation Therapies

There are many relaxation therapies which you could try, and once again we must stress that we are not talking about drugs or alcohol consumption here. Instead we are referring to relaxation techniques which include yoga, meditation or even hypnosis. If you do not wish to try any of these then simply doing something the night before which would usually relax you can be just as effect, so listen to some chilled out music, watch a funny film, or read your favourite magazine.

Tip #5: Always Bear In Mind, Your Procedure Will Be Conducted By Professional And Dedicated Professionals

It has to be borne in mind that if you choose professional dental implants centres, then the people who will be responsible for your treatment are all fully trained, highly skilled professions who only ever have their patient’s well-being and health as an absolute priority. That should give you complete peace of mind and the reassurance that you are in safe hands.