Three years ago, I learned two very important lessons: %^&* happens, and don’t sweat the small %^&*. How did I learn that? Well, it’s how I met my husband: my dog did his deed by my husband’s foot at the dog park. If it wasn’t for my beagle and his golden retriever, we never would have met. Our pets are a huge part of our lives, for obvious reasons, but also for the love, companionship and years they add to our lives. That is one reason why I love this issue: we talk about the ways pets enhance our lives and gives tips on adopting the perfect pet.

It seems that once you think you know all there is about being green, something else comes up. Who knew that you could be both green and sexy with earth-friendly lingerie? I, too, was shocked. But thanks to my green gal-pal, Sherry Swensk, I feel much more informed. For those who don’t know, Sherry has a weekly segment on 8 News Now’s morning show called “Living Green.” Starting with this issue, Sherry will keep us in the sustainable loop with the latest and greatest in the world of green.

Things I Love Right Now:

RECYCLING: Sure it gets confusing, but Republic Services breaks it all down for us:

Red Basket: Aluminum, tin and plastic. Empty and rinse all cans and bottles. Aluminum cans may be crushed. Remove all lids from all plastic soda bottles and milk jugs. Make sure your plastics are recyclable by looking for the recycling symbols that have a 1 or 2 inside the triangle.
White Basket: Newspapers, telephone books and magazines
Blue Basket: Glass bottles. Please rinse and remove caps. Do not break glass. IMPORTANT: Keep all glass jars and bottles separate from other recyclables. DO NOT include mirrors, plate glass, chinaware or ceramics.
Corrugated Cardboard: Flatten cardboard boxes and place them next to the recycling baskets.

SAVING GREEN: Everyone likes to save some green while going green. Southwest Gas offers these tips for saving energy and money:

• A routine furnace inspection, by a licensed heating contractor, helps ensure its safe and efficient operation and regularly changing or cleaning the filters keeps the furnace efficient.
• To help keep warm air inside the home and the cold air out, seal leaks and cracks around doors, windows and other openings with caulk or weather stripping.
• Open drapes and shades during the day to take advantage of the sun’s heat and close them at night to reduce the chill from the cold air outside.
• Install foam insulating gaskets inside wall outlets and switch plates adjacent to the home’s exterior.

For more information log onto or contact a Southwest Gas Energy Specialist at 1-800-OK-GAS-OK.

MAKEOVERS: It is amazing how far some hair, makeup and personal styling can take one lady. I visited the Vegas Pamper Queens, Patty Barba of Patty’s Closet and Alana Castillo of Vanity Flair Salon, and they completely transformed me from drab to fab for my recent birthday party. Check out my before and after.

WALKING THE DOG. Remember my beagle? Well, his unique zest for life combined with his hound nose makes him almost unbearable to walk. With The Perfect Leash, I now take him for walks, instead of the other way around.