Putting your family first is something that is often easier said than done. Our lives are more demanding than ever, between our careers and often playing chauffer for our kids, juggler for their schedules and mind reader for everything else. All of this is why we created the Family First section for Las Vegas Woman. In our day-to-day lives, we so often forget to stop and put our families first. Here, we try to do it for you!

In This Issue:

Who said there is nothing to do in Las Vegas? We share a kid-focused calendar packed with activities for the whole family.

Time to talk about sex? Maybe it is time to have “the talk” with your kids. You will be surprised to know that your influence is still the one that kids look for most. Here, we give you some tips for having that talk.

By now, your kids have probably asked for a puppy, bunny or snake for their birthday or other holiday. Having a pet is a great way to teach kids responsibility, but it can also backfire. We have the Top 10 Tips for adopting the perfect pet.

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