Dao Vu answers your most interesting, intimate and out-there questions about love, life and everything in between

My closest friend has what I call an “imaginary boyfriend.” He is in another state, is not intimate with her when they are together and seems to be using her. She is an amazing woman, but I don’t want to interfere. What do I do?
-Rob R

Dear Rob R.,

You are in a tough position. You want to help your friend, but then if you say something negative to your friend about her long distance relationship, it could backfire. She could get mad at you, think you are not being supportive or think you’re meddling in her business!

As you know, being in a relationship can be tough, but being in a relationship with a person who doesn’t live nearby makes it even harder. As with any relationship, she will have to give it time to know where it’s headed. Has she been seeing this person for three months, six months, nine months or longer? If they are not intimate when they are together or you think he seems to be using her, then even you know something is definitely wrong. It doesn’t pass the gut test.

When a man is into a woman, he will show it. He will want to be with her and be intimate with her, unless of course there is a medical reason. Have they made future plans together? Does he bring up their living situation? What has he done to show affection? Has she asked him directly, where is this relationship going? As her friend I would ask her these questions and see what she says. I would let her know I’m concerned about her and her long distance relationship. I would tell her I don’t want her to get hurt or emotionally invested in a person who’s rarely there and doesn’t even live in the same city. I would feel guilty if I didn’t say anything to my close friend.

Perhaps one day she will wake up and see him for what he is … just an imaginary boyfriend from another state.

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