A real-life testimonial

When Christina Thebeau gave birth to her second child, she realized she was no longer going to be able to work outside of the home and be a full-time mom. As a certified public accountant, Thebeau was used to working long hours, which took away from her family time in the evening. She was so excited when her friend Cheryl Toste introduced her to Moms Making Six Figures because she found the flexibility she needed for both her professional and personal life.

Moms Making Six Figures was founded in San Diego and now has a group of over 40 women, all who work from home. This group of moms created the marketing company Moms Making Six Figures to represent one primary organization, and they come from a variety of backgrounds including human resources, information technology and, like Thebeau, CPAs.

As a newlywed in her mid-30s, Toste was anxious to start a family. She is so excited that she is expecting her first child in January. “The lack of stress, and flexibility in my schedule gave me the opportunity to focus on starting a family. And I am very fortunate that I was able to get pregnant right away,” Toste said.

“I love working, and I am still able to work part time as a CPA to supplement my loss in full-time income with Moms Making Six Figures,” Thebeau said. “I am thankful that Cheryl shared the company with me, and I know that she will appreciate the flexibility when she has her baby.”

Thebeau and Toste have had many friends in Las Vegas who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut with the turn in the economy, and they are thankful that they are now able to share Moms Making Six Figures with them.

Through Moms Making Six Figures, Thebeau and Toste meet with interested women to talk with them about the specifics of the business. “A typical workweek can range from part-time or full-time hours, but I plan around my schedule,” Thebeau said. “There is no inventory, no party planning, no selling and no risk, but you do need to be self-motivated and have a desire to succeed,” she explained.

Both Thebeau and Toste work very hard and both say they have so much fun working together. “I am so glad that I am able to work with one of my best friends,” Thebeau said. “We have no cap in our income, and we work on our terms.”

“We truly are living the motto of Moms Making Six Figures,” Toste said. “We are ‘bringing women home to their lives.’”

To learn more about Moms Making Six Figures, please visit momsmakingsixfigures.com