By Rev. Thabiti

This year, 2012, is destined to be the best ever, especially for truth lovers. As more truth and light comes to surface in the world, things that were hiding in the dark, like deception and corruption, will be exposed. This year will be transformational in ways similar to the process of a new baby being born. In other words, let’s remember not to get too distracted by the birth pains of this necessary transformation or else we will miss out on the beauty of the birth. We now acknowledge the powerful and governing force behind it all that says, “For I make all things new.”

Since there is something that sees to it that Venus, Mars and every other planet is exactly where it’s supposed to be at the exact time it’s supposed to be there proves that we have absolutely nothing to worry about this year. Each day we are given the gift of, and reminded by, a punctual sunrise that says, “I am absolutely perfect and why I am never ever late.”

This message about perfect order is found everywhere throughout our entire living experience. Just like all of the perfect planetary movements, we also will be exactly where we’re supposed to be at the exact time we’re supposed to be there. In other words, life has an unerring way of putting us into the perfect situations and circumstances necessary so that more and more of the best that is within us comes forth into fuller expression.
We cannot control everything, but we can control our response to anything. How we respond to things that happen in 2012 will show where we are in spiritual maturity and awareness. Today, we reclaim and take back our power because it remains our birthright to have the final say over what can and what cannot bother us. For this year, we are causing new possibilities with no attachment to the outcome. We now step aside to allow the transformation of our souls to become spiritually awake enough to enjoy this wonderful gift of a brand new year.

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, executive director at and is the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System. He writes the “Empowerment” column in the Las Vegas Informer, writes the Love & Marriage section in Beautiful Bride Magazine and hosts the radio show “A Golden Moment” on 970AM KNUU in Las Vegas. He officiates at wedding and funeral ceremonies and can be reached directly at You can quickly improve your situation using your Personal Time-Map available right now at