A reality for many working moms

When Cheryl Fox Toste, a 10-year resident of Las Vegas married in September 2011, she knew she was ready to start a different chapter in her life. Having worked in sales and marketing for over 12 years in the hospitality, staffing and healthcare sectors, she knew that her 50-plus hour workweeks would make starting a family nearly impossible. “As a newlywed in my mid-30s, my priorities definitely started to change,” Toste explained.

When a long-time friend from California, Kellee Wip, introduced her to Moms Making Six Figures, Toste jumped at the opportunity. Founded three years ago in San Diego, the company now has a team of almost 40 women, all of whom work from home. The women come from a variety of backgrounds, from a certified public accountant to a surgeon and even a Cirque de Soleil performer.

“The best way to explain Moms Making Six Figures is that we are a group of moms who created a marketing organization to represent one primary company,” Wip said. “I knew that Cheryl was anxious to start a family, and I wanted her to have the same freedom I have had to bring in a substantial income while not taking anything away from raising my two children.”

Las Vegas was hard hit with the turn in the economy and more women are now looking for ways to supplement their income. Toste has many friends in the area who have had a hard time finding jobs that will fit their hectic schedules and others have been out of the workforce for too long.

Through Moms Making Six Figures, Toste and Wip meet with interested women to talk with them about the specifics of the business. “A typical workweek can range from 30-35 hours, but I plan around my kid’s school and sports schedules,” Wip said. “There is no inventory, no party planning, no selling and no risk, but you do need to be self-motivated and have a desire to succeed,” she explained.

Both Toste and Wip enjoyed careers in a corporate environment but hated the hours, the inflexible schedule and the glass ceiling. They are still working hard, but doing it on their terms with no cap on their income.

“I love what I do, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to share Moms Making Six Figures with my community in Las Vegas,” Toste said. “Not only do I now have unlimited income potential, but I also have the flexibility to start a family.”

Toste and Wip think the motto of Moms Making Six Figures explains it best, “We are ‘Bringing women home to their lives.’”

To learn more about the company, please visit momsmakingsixfigures.com


  1. This article had almost zero information about what Moms Making Six Figures actually does. The description “we are a group of moms who created a marketing organization to represent one primary company” is very vague, and doesn’t give any indication as to what these mothers actually do. Lazy “journalism!”

    • The same PR about “a group of moms who created a marketing organization…” seems to show up all over the internet when you try to research them. I can’t think of a business that works without selling, inventory, or risk…What exactly does this organization do???

  2. Try looking at the site for information, you get about the same info as you do with the above article. Is it a HUGE secret and you have to get in the club first in order to find out? It’s frustrating for the reader.