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What three things should you never ask a woman?
Louie Anderson, Comedian

Dear Louie,

The three things you should never ask a woman are:
1. Her age and weight.
2.Is this the best sex you’ve ever had?
3.Is it okayto go Dutch?

Age and weight are a sensitive issue for many people.Unless you are her doctor and giving her an exam, I wouldn’t ask her.Let her bring it up if she wants to, otherwise you may come across as rude or nosy.It’s fine to ask a kid how old they are, it’s not okay to ask an adult.

You don’t ever want to ask a woman if you are the best she’s ever had because you may not like the answer.She will tell you if you are the best.Otherwise be prepared for the truth and hurt feelings.

If you ask a woman to go Dutch, you may give off a bad first impression.Even though this is the new millennium and woman are far more independent, simply paying for the first date is a chivalrous gesture.

Dear Dao,
I purchased a condo 17 years ago and always thought of it as a starter home, someplace I would stay until I married and had a family. Fast forward, I’m still single and ready to sell the condo and move to my dream neighborhood. The only thing is that the home prices in my dream neighborhood are very high, but there are some rental units within my budget. My friends say I’m nuts to give up being a homeowner and throwaway money on rent. I say you only live once and it is time I make a long overdue move and make a dream come true. Any thoughts?
Rachel S.

Dear Rachel,

I understand where your friends are coming from.You’ve spent a longtime in this house and to walk away after making 17 years of paymentsseems like you are giving up a lot. When you look back atwhere you were when you bought your condo and where you are now, it’sclear you have different goals and ambitions.Let me ask you this,can you see yourself living in this house for another 17 years?Ifyou were to look back would you regret not moving into your dreamneighborhood? If you really have your heart set on it, you could rentout your place and hopefully make some money to offset the moreexpensive neighborhood. You only have one life, go after what youwant.

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