Jim Rogers & Dawn Gibbons on politics, perception, and programming

By Priya A. Mathew

America was founded on the utopian idea of political freedom. And by virtue of thissimple, yet profound affirmation, the written convictions of our Founding Fathers birthed an indefatigable form of human expression: freedom of speech. Consequently, the American press has, since its venerable inception, remained a faithful carrier of this message to the masses of the world.

I sat down with media mogul Jim Rogers and Former First Lady of Nevada Dawn Gibbons to discuss the merits of individual expression and how this age old idea can positively contribute to the American political system. Currently, this esteemed dynamic duo can be seen together on KSNV-TV’s My News 3critically acclaimed political segment, “Dawn & Jim.” The show, which features Rogers and Gibbons engaged in political debate with one another, personifies the very delicate, yet intriguing political discourse that saturates modern-day America.

Rogers begins by presenting the Democratic argument to the audience, while Gibbons reacts by taking on a more conservative view. The beauty of the segment lies in the unique tone of its presentation: relaxed setting, stimulating commentary, and intelligent interaction.Given the diverse political population of the country, and of Nevada in general, the show has proven to be a goldmine where demographics are concerned, often attracting viewers from every part of the political spectrum. Accordingly, both “Dawn & Jim” have deserved their welcome into the living rooms of Southern Nevada television audiences, providing the community with an exciting addition to KSNV-TV’s My News 3 roster of nationally recognized political commentators.

Priya Mathew: How would you describe the show?

Dawn Gibbons: It’s really just a conversation between Jim Rogers and myself where we discuss topics of interest: news, politics, etc. Sometimes we’ll interview guests like Congressman Horsford or Senator Reid.There are times when we have no clue what we want to discuss before sitting down in front of the camera, but Jim will just start talking and the rest falls into place.

PM: Why is it important to encourage opinion-centered political programming?

Jim Rogers: I am the purest believer in the first amendment. I really believe that if you think it, you have the right to say it. I get a lot of people who say ‘you shouldn’t be using your station as a forum for your own political views’ and that would have some legitimacy if I didn’t give everyone else access to the same thing. The only way we can be successful is for everybody to have a say in what goes on and to get those different opinions out there. If I disagreed with 30 percent of something Dawn said, I would still give credence to what she said and that’s very important. I don’t want friends who think like I do, I want friends who think differently.

PM: What do women want from their political leaders?

DG: I think they want straight shooters. They’re sick and tired of the back door deals that are made in Washington. I personally care about a lot of different issues and I’ve become more moderate politically because of my involvement with the local government. We need to build a community where everyone has the chance to rise and be all that they can be.

PM: What’s next for “Dawn & Jim?”

DG: Jim had this great idea—he wanted to start having editorial news commentaries from members of the public. The segment is called “Our Community Voices.” We ran the first one last week.

JR: We’ve got seven people at the moment and we’re going to run these editorials on the six o’clock news every night.

DG: I think it’s such a good idea. The viewers will love these segments where ordinary citizens chime in with their point of view on whatever they feel that they want to discuss.