United Way of Southern Nevada’s Women’s Leadership Council hosted its Annual Luncheon Fashion Show at Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas on Wednesday, February 27 at 11:30 a.m.
The event highlighted WLC’s total investment to the community in 2012-13 and recognized female community leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to improving southern Nevada.

Judy Kropid, 2012 Honoree for Volunteerism and Ruby Collins, 2012 Commitment to Education Honoree with 2013 Commitment to Education Honoree, Gina B. Polovina, Vice President of Government Affairs, Boyd Gaming Corporation

Luncheon Fashion Show model Abbie Friedman.

Models: Janelle Mazza, Deb Mele-Blanchard, Tammy Shaw and Cindy Brinker.

WLC Luncheon Fashion Show models from LEFT to RIGHT

• Shannon Petersen
• Shauna Khorrami
• Deb Mele-Blanchard
• Tammy Shaw
• Janelle Mazza
• Nancy Reel
• Jessica Sparon-Orosco
• Erin Matthews
• Amanda Fulkerson
• Krista Darnold
• Rene Garcia
• Abbie Friedman
• Brenda Shank
• Cindy Brinker