Allison Stone, age 11, has established a personal tradition of growing her hair so it can be cut off to donate to Locks of Love. At her age, she has already donated three times. It takes her about three years to grow her hair to the required length of 10 inches, which is what is needed to create a wig.

Locks of Love is a nonprofit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 21 in the United States and Canada suffering from hair loss.

Stone was encouraged by her mother, Lara Stone, to participate in Locks of Love at age 5 when Lara Stone decided to grow out her own hair to donate. After the first donation, Allison Stone told her mother she wanted to participate again and began to grow her hair.

“I think it is wonderful she has tremendous compassion,” said Lara Stone, “She understands this goes to children who are sick.”
Other activities Allison Stone is involved with include tennis and dance, with an emphasis on tap dancing.