Braun Productions merges theater and aerial arts with design, technology and innovation with a vision for events that leave audiences speechless and amazed. With celebrity clients such as Brittany Spears, Katy Perry, Cher, Celine Dion and Lady GaGa; one might think Braun Productions only creates spectacular entertainment events. But they are also experts in designing and implementing unbelievable weddings and receptions.

Braun Productions - Final Bird CageThe goal is to produce a special unexpected moment that is not only different and unique but something that no one else has ever seen before. Braun Productions can create unique wedding performances that guests will talk about for years to come. Designed and performed by top seasoned aerialists, the masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless moment will wow all in attendance.

Steven Diamond, director of operations and business development, brings 30 years of international performing experience as one of the top illusionists in the world performing in over 80 countries. He is a speaker, author and inspirational leader as well. In addition to his impressive list of achievements, Diamond has designed theatrical effects and illusions for numerous celebrities, shows and weddings/receptions. In fact, it was Braun Productions that designed the scene where Spears flies around the stage in her hit show at Planet Hollywood, “Brittany: A Piece of Me.”

Braun Productions - Final Wedding RingAs Diamond explained, “One design idea we have is to provide a piece of equipment that looks like a beautiful flower basket high up in the air. Then at some point, the décor becomes a major part of the event. A stunningly beautiful woman in a gorgeous gown and a man in a beautiful tuxedo would come and perform an adagio type routine which would just wow the guests. This is something I don’t see being done in Las Vegas and we offer it as just one example of what we can do. It is something completely new and this is just one idea.”

Braun Productions was recently involved with a wedding at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas which was estimated to cost over 1 million dollars. “We performed an amazing adagio aerial act using our diamond ring prop. The wedding and reception was huge with over 30 dancers with a production value as a well-produced show instead of just a wedding and reception.”

According to Diamond, “When talking to wedding planners, we are discovering that weddings are becoming less and less traditional and people are looking for more unique ideas to do at their weddings that no one has ever seen. Couples want surprises and they want a moment that creates wonder. We picked up on that trend and are offering wedding planners a new direction to go in. Wedding planners are looking for exciting new things to offer their clients and we can do it.”

Braun Productions’ team includes accomplished architects, planners, designers, visionaries, writers, creative directors, project managers, lighting designers, sound designers, graphic designers, expert riggers, aerial and flying engineers. Braun Production’s award-winning design work is not limited to angel wings or flying rigs. Recent projects encompass a wide variety of themed experiences that extend into hotels, retail stores, world famous night clubs, cruise ships and casinos.

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