Best Landscape Design Elements for Entertaining

Best Landscape Design Elements for Entertaining

While some people put time and effort into their gardens and landscape design to enjoy a picturesque garden, others want a space that’s far more functional. A garden doesn’t have to be just pretty; it can also be an extension of your home’s interior where you spend time with loved ones.

The hardest part about creating an outdoor area for entertaining is coming up with a winning landscape design. If you need a helping hand, any of these elements can be worth incorporating into your sketches.

Hardscape Elements

The more hardscape elements you have in your backyard, the less gardening you will have to do. Hardscapes incorporate features like pathways, retaining walls, benches, water features, and even swimming pools.

If you prefer a more ‘lock up and leave’ style property for minimal maintenance, you may choose to include a combination of many of these elements into your landscape design.

Partitioning & Shelter

When you plan on spending a lot of time outside, protection from the elements is crucial. Most homeowners aim to create a space that will be just as comfortable in warm weather as it would be in cold weather.

You may be able to create such a space with the use of partitioning and shelter. Privacy screens, pergolas, and simple structures can provide both shelter and privacy while giving your entertainment area a dedicated space on your property.

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