When you enter the front door, you will begin to sense that you are not in an ordinary dental office. Her office interior has been fashioned along the lines of a naturally lit living room. The traditional sounds, smells and appearance of a dental practice have been replaced with those of comfort and relaxation. This environment sets the expectation for the treatment that you will receive. Expect to have your every dental need met and your full dental desires satisfied beyond your expectations.

Not only is she a full-time dentist, but she is also a senior faculty member at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. For almost 20 years, she has taught dentists from all over the world. They also tour her practice to see the latest in state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Dr. LaurieDr. Laurie places an emphasis on understanding her patients’ needs and desires. She provides a wonderfully comfortable environment, virtually pain-free treatment and the creation of a custom-tailored personalized dental plan that leaves you informed about everything that is going on in your mouth and what your treatment options are.

Dr. Laurie knows that your time is valuable, so she has an unending quest to see her patients on time, every time. She can offer this because she stands alone in the dental community by seeing only one patient at a time.
Dr. Laurie’s high dental standards routinely achieve results that exceed patients’ expectations. This is because she strives to produce outcomes that ensure longevity and an aesthetic standard unmatched anywhere.

All dentists are not alike. All dentists have different skills, different training, different technology and different philosophies. Equally true, all patients are not alike and have different needs, wants and desires. Everyone at her practice is dedicated to those who wish to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime in maximum comfort, aesthetics and function. For those who have already lost their teeth, she provides comfortable “life-like and long-term” replacements using implants and other advanced techniques.

Dr. Laurie’s high dental standards routinely achieve results that exceed patients’ expectations.
Your Personalized Dental Plan

You will discover the cornerstone of what she calls “Dentistry that’s beyond Expectations.” Dr. Laurie believes that creating your Personalized Dental Plan is a better approach and overall strategy for achieving your goals.

Initial Consultation -This is the time she gets to know you, your needs and desires. In return, you get to discover and experience the uniqueness of her practice. If she discovers that she is not the best dentist for you and your needs, she will help you find the right office.

Comprehensive Examination
Providing dentistry that exceeds your expectations takes the proper state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. The standard dental X-rays’ film is no longer ideal, so she uses digital imagining, and this is only one of many specialized dental tests. Not only will you discover the overall health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints (TMJ), but she will also employ a specialized computer to analyze your bite. This data will be recorded in your Personalized Dental Plan.

Your Personalized Dental Plan
Dr. Laurie will present your Personalized Dental Plan to you and discuss your options. Dr. Laurie does not believe in making “all or nothing” recommendations. Your options will be thoroughly discussed, as she wants you to be an active participant. Your options and desires matter.

Completing your Personalized Dental Plan

Dr. Laurie knows from experience that many patients have concerns about receiving dental treatment, but she has eliminated those concerns in her office.

Time – Dr. Laurie’s technology allows her to complete dental treatment in a fraction of the time of traditional offices.

Fear – New anesthetic techniques, such as the use of the patented NuCalm relaxation system, have all but eliminated dental fears.

Cost and dental insurance – She offers several flexible payment plans and will file your insurance claims for you.

Our commitment to your dental health

Dr. Laurie considers herself to be more than just a mere dental provider. In fact, Dr. Laurie’s role is your dental consultant and friend. This means that her approach to each patient is more attentive, personal and in depth as Dr. Laurie strives to work at levels well above the typical dentist/patient relationship.

Through careful selection and clear communications, Dr. Laurie builds an understanding and comfort level with patients that assures they receive the most personalized, effective, state-of-the-art, desirable and sustainable outcomes.

Patients in her practice receive these benefits:

• Patient membership in one of the best dental practices in the country.
• Uncompromising levels of personal attention.
• A Dr. Laurie Personalized Dental Plan: digitally acquired, archived and managed.
• The best quality laboratories available. In fact, Dr. Laurie has a personal master ceramist who is available for taking custom shades and discussing techniques with patients.
• Technology and equipment that is at the leading edge of dental innovation.
• Gifted team personnel who are equally conscious and always provide the highest level of patient service possible.
• A doctor who always has time for you and is a leader in dentistry that truly exceeds your expectations.

Your commitment to your dental health

Dentistry that exceeds patients’ expectations takes a commitment from the patient as well as from the practice. This relationship involves teamwork, and along with Dr. Laurie’s high standards, the same is asked from patients.

The expectations of you, our patient

Communication – Dr. Laurie wants to know how you feel about all aspects of your experience. After developing a Dr. Laurie Personalized Dental Plan for you, she asks that you talk honestly about your thoughts and feelings. Dr. Laurie and her team are here to serve you and want you to be comfortable making decisions concerning your appearance and your dental health.

Referrals – Dr. Laurie enjoys working with patients just like you and especially enjoys treating patients that are referred by existing patients. Dr. Laurie asks that whenever you have the opportunity to mention her to your family and friends that you please do so. Dr. Laurie and her team will do their absolute best to provide your referrals with the same level of dentistry that’s truly beyond expectations. There’s no better validation of a happy patient than hearing that same great news from one of the friends they recommend!

Dr. Laurie Bloch-Johnson
9501 Hillwood Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134
702-463-8600 | drlauriesmiles.com