Nevada Donor Network is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organ procurement organization, serving 15 counties in the state of Nevada. Its primary functions are to coordinate, recover and allocate lifesaving organs and healing tissues for transplantation and research on behalf of donors.

Front left to right:
Kate McCullough, supervisor of community services, has been an advocate for organ donation since seeing a friend’s life saved by a kidney transplant in 2003. She received a Bachelor of Arts in communication at Slippery Rock University. After spending 10 years in the TV news industry, she decided to turn her passion for donation into a career.

Prior to joining Nevada Donor Network in 2014, Irma Sison, manager of donation services, worked at LifeNet Health in Virginia Beach, where she spoke to families about donation, assessed medical suitability for donation, trained staff, looked at process improvements and supervised a team of medically trained personnel in the donor center.

Saving and enhancing lives is what Leslie Baron, director of development services, spends her time doing. Baron oversees the development services department, which includes hospital, community and Northern Nevada services and the new foundation division.

Rebecca Nicholas, manager of surgical services, has been in the medical field for over 20 years. Witnessing the miracles of a friend’s daughters both receiving transplants, was recruited to Nevada Donor Network to develop their surgical services department and build their first kidney perfusion lab.

Back left to right:
Linda Kyriannis, manager of human resources, has extensive human resources experience and has been in leadership roles in a variety of industries. Kyriannis earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting and human resources and a Master’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in technology management.

Connie Lively, director of laboratory services, has worked in the field of organ transplantation and histocompatibility testing for more than 30 years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in microbiology and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. She joined the team in January 2008, when Nevada Donor Network acquired the HLA Laboratory.

Sara Levinson, director of human resources, joined the team in August 2014, and is new to the organ procurement environment. She has an extensive background in human resources, specifically in the hospital setting. She earned her Master’s Degree in human resources management and her professional in human resources certification.

Carrie Deese, director of family services, began her career in medicine as a critical care nurse in the surgical intensive care/open heart unit. Organ donation is a mission her entire family believes in. Her sisters are involved as donor family advocates and donation champions at the OPO in Louisiana, and her nephew is a grateful recipient of a tissue graft.

Galyn Schoenstein, assistant director of organ recovery services, has worked with the team for seven years. She started out as an eye and tissue coordinator and eventually worked as a quality coordinator and managed an eye bank.