Women's Leadership Council ModelsFor United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, it was a proud year of improving children’s health, watching seniors graduate, collecting thousands of women’s professional items and providing two aspiring young women scholarships to attend local colleges.

One of the crowning achievements for WLC in 2014 was re-opening the Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School Health Clinic. Shuttered in June of 2013, the clinic needed funding to serve nearly 2,500 children a year. Now, these children have a safe haven and primary preventative care, immunizations and sick care.

For one Martinez student, the clinic provided life-changing assistance. Leah received help with debilitating asthma that was keeping her from sports and affecting her school attendance. Since receiving treatment, Leah breathes easier and rides her bike almost every day, sometimes to and from school.

Leah has not had to go back to the Martinez Clinic since initially being treated for asthma, but when she needs her annual checkup and her 7th grade vaccinations; she plans to head back to the clinic.

In June 2014, WLC also watched 279 students who had been identified as at-risk by CCSD graduate high school. These students and their families were receiving support, comfort and resources through the WLC Family Engagement Resource Centers located in five local high schools: Clark, Sunrise Mountain, Eldorado, Silverado and Western.

With almost 12,000 items collected, the very successful annual 2014 WLC Suit Drive brought the community together to donate suits and professional items for women in need. These items were donated to agencies with back-to-work programs for women.

“Together, we are helping to lift up women trying to get back on their feet,” said WLC Co-chair, Rhonda Clausen. “Feeling prepared and professional and that you have someone on your side, rooting for you, can help land life-sustaining employment.”

Enjoying the culmination of much hard work, WLC awarded two bright, focused young women, Monica Guiza and Leslie Miranda, the Emerging Leadership Award for Women Scholarship.

“This award has taken the burden of paying for my education, and I am so thankful to be a recipient,” said Guiza. “I am also extremely honored to be a part of an organization filled with individuals who are not just leaders, but also loving and caring.”

An amazing day of exercise, learning and meeting goals, WLC also supported elementary-aged girls in the lifelong endeavor to increase physical activity and healthy eating by sponsoring the Girls on the Run 5K in November.

To learn about WLC or how to become a WLC member, contact Lawrel Larsen at 702.892.2319 or lawrell@uwsn.org.