Chubby Cattle is transforming traditional Mongolian cuisine as the first restaurant in the world to combine refrigerated, conveyor belt-based hotpot with the finest traditional foods from Asia. This innovation serves their customers the healthiest way to enjoy their fresh dishes direct from the farms.

The 3,600-square-foot space features a waterfall, custom-designed 3D recessed sky ceiling, hand cut granite tables with induction cookers, specially designed under-the-table cell phone holders, private VIP rooms and a custom built fish tank that holds live seafood the chefs will cook. A dozen high definition flat screens show videos of Chinese cooking, art, history, music videos and culture.

The restaurant features chicken, lamb, beef brisket, rib eye, pork, tripe, live geoduck, live shrimp, live king crab, live Vancouver crab, scallops, bass, clams, over a dozen vegetables, tofu, noodles, rice and dumplings. But the real star is the broth. The soup base, made from a special and secret recipe, is slow simmered every day for eight hours before it is served.

Chubby Cattle – Mountain View Plaza
3400 S. Jones Blvd. • Las Vegas Nevada 89146
702.868.8808 •