The Perfect Cosmo. Just Add Cranberry.

Cosmo in a martini glassDevotion Vodka Perfect Cosmo is another innovation by Devotion Spirits Inc. The Cosmo is still one of the most requested cocktails in the industry and is extremely hard to perfect.

Devotion Vodka has carefully studied the ingredients of the Perfect Cosmo and constructed the best mixology in the country. Those ingredients were matched up with its natural flavor components to develop the world’s first and only sugar-free, gluten-free Cosmo in a bottle at 80 proof.

Tasting Notes
Aroma – Bouquet of aromatics of orange, lemon and lime zests
Appearance – Exquisite pristine clarity
Texture – Consistently smooth and level
Palate – Complex levels of the citrus wheel notes
Finish – Refreshing and balanced with a complete flavor experience

The Perfect Cosmo

the perfect cosmo in a bottleFill a shaker with ice. Pour Devotion Cosmo and add sugar-free cranberry juice.
Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy a perfectly created, 80 proof Cosmopolitan every time.

Wild Cherry
Devotion Wild Cherry received Wine Enthusiast – Top 50 Spirits in the World and Wine Enthusiast – 92 Award Rating in 2014. This showcases the quality that Devotion Spirits brings to the table.

Devotion Vodka has carefully chosen the unique, dark wild cherry for its sweet, full-bodied taste. The Wild Cherry has a unique profile that is extremely versatile for all types of cocktails.

Tasting Notes
Aroma – Crisp, fresh, cherry arrangement
Appearance – Exquisite pristine clarity
Texture – Consistently smooth and fresh
Palate – Subtle and mellow balance of ripe cherries
Finish – Clean, neutral and mature finish

Devotion Vodka is 100 percent certified sugar-free and gluten-free flavored 80-proof vodka including Black & Blue (blackberry and blueberry), Coconut, Blood Orange, Wild Cherry, Perfect Cosmo, Tiki Tea and original (known as Pure). Devotion Vodka is the only vodka allowed to put “gluten-free,” “no sugar added” and “no allergens” on its label.

Devotion Vodka is distilled six times, multi-filtered from 100 percent, high-grade U.S. non-GMO corn in a state-of-the-art distillery in Michigan. Utilizing a process of deionizing water to ensure the highest quality water source, this also implements smooth vodka blending and processing.

Devotion Vodka is available at Lee’s Discount Liquor, Whole Foods, Total Wine and other retail outlets. Park on Fremont and Commonwealth offer Devotion Vodka in downtown Las Vegas, and Cabo Wabo Cantina and Harley-Davidson Café offer it on the Las Vegas Strip. For more information, visit