You are More Than Just a Reflection in the Mirror

By Karie Millspaugh

As I sat in the movie theater watching “I Feel Pretty,” starring Amy Schumer, I glanced over to my teenaged daughter as we giggled together at a somewhat hilarious scene. Moments later, we were tearing up at a precious moment where Amy talks about how carefree we are as little girls, only to grow up with jaded thoughts about our appearances.

It is very true. Back then, we weren’t as aware that body shapes were different and that a friend’s skin tone may be darker than yours. We just saw happy playmates as we would dance in the rain or blow bubbles in the sunlight.

At what point in life did we start looking in the mirror and, instead of making silly faces, start to critique ourselves?

What if you saw yourself the way others see you?

I had a close friend who would repeatedly body shame herself while getting ready to go out. It would rip my heart in two to watch her get ready. I would counteract her words with positive reinforcement, but those words fell mute on her judgmental outlook.

It has been said that we believe 80% of what we tell ourselves and only 20% of what others say. So why do we tend to seek so much outward approval?

Why do we check our social media status for likes and comments, when nothing external can fill that void?

I’ve always advised that we are responsible for our own happiness and when it comes to love, we should first love ourselves. That means your entire self. Yes, my dears, the cellulite, the laugh lines and even the gray hairs.

Your body is the vehicle to your soul, give it thanks and appreciation for carrying around your spirit every day.

I also know from experience that you can walk into a room and receive multiple compliments, but if you don’t personally feel beautiful, you will never believe them.

Oddly enough, when we feel amazing in our own skin, we radiate on the outside, which is the glow that draws others to you.

What do you need to do to feel beautiful? What fills your soul?

Find it. Go do more of it because the world already knows you’re beautiful, but we need you to believe it too!

Karie Millspaugh is a publicity expert, speaking agent, TV host, business consultant, professional speaker and published author. Follow her at