The spring issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine introduced our year-long theme: Unmask Yourself. I sincerely hope you enjoyed all of those articles and are ready for round two with our summer issue.

The theme centers around taking off your layers and becoming your most authentic self. With summer upon us, it is the perfect time to remove some layers—clothing, skin, spirit.

Within these pages, we feature articles related to beauty. Not only the beauty that you see when looking in a mirror, but the beauty that radiates from the inside out and how to be confident in your own skin.

You’ll find informative articles that will test your old mindset or patterns, such as multi-tasking. Something we, as women, are experts at. Multi-tasking is practically a requirement to managing our lives and our family’s lives, but here we talk about monotasking …what is that you ask? Read on and you’ll find out.

The cover story features a mother-daughter team as they work together in the male-dominated industry of commercial real estate. They show us that success doesn’t come without hard work. This story speaks to me, as I work on this magazine with my mother, Ruth. The ability to share our success together is priceless.

I encourage you to process the articles you’ll find in this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine and allow them to provide new direction as you let your passions out. Let’s get out there and not be afraid to be visible. Perfection is not possible, and it can be so debilitating for us. Embrace your imperfections by stepping into them proudly; we all have them.

How do you want to show up in this world? I hope that you’ll find value in the pages within this magazine to help you make that determination.

Thank you for allowing us to lead, motivate and celebrate you … one issue at a time.