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The benefits of Pilates for those 50 or older are amazing; just ask Mick Jagger, Madonna, Sting or Jane Fonda. A strong and solid core is the nucleus of a healthy body, regardless of age. As we grow older, it becomes more and more important to concentrate on strengthening our core muscles to help support our spine. Equally as important is to strengthen the smaller muscle groups to take some of the strain away from the larger counterparts.

If you have wanted to start a family of your own, there’s no better time to begin than now. For people hoping to create a loving home with the pitter-patter of little feet, the path to parenthood isn’t always easy, but at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, FACOG and Said Daneshmand, MD, FACOG, are igniting new hope and making dreams a reality.

Everyone has questions about relationships, sex, gender issues and just how to navigate living in 2015. Dr. Tiger Devore, known as Dr. Tiger, has many titles after his name including clinical psychologist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, media expert on sex and relationships and member of SAG/AFTRA.

The holidays are here and that means shopping for that special gift (even if it is for you). Below are some great ideas that encompass beauty and originality to any gift guide.

A new car purchase is a big deal. Of course, that’s always been true. What’s often different today is the person making the purchase decision. Increasingly, it’s a woman, either buying the car for herself or acting as the main influencer in the car buying process

Melissa Schmidt grew up with a dad who let her know that she could do anything she set out to do. Inspired by his faith and with lots of self-confidence, she started a landscaping company that grew with revenues just under a million dollars.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is recognized internationally as one of the leading fertility clinics in the world with high success rates, years of experience and a commitment to the advancement of fertility research.

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Eyesight is one of the most precious gifts and one way to protect eyes in the desert sun is to use sunglasses. Along with...

Women-owned businesses are growing in Las Vegas and Village Square is an example of that trend with 250,000 outdoor retail, dining and professional office...