Gulten Dye, like many women today, fulfills many roles. She is a successful businesswoman, designer, mother, partner, poet and now innovator of a new business model. Dye continues to transform and reinvent herself.

These three dynamic women of Southern Nevada share their talents and show their commitment to our community.

Fearless Females break down barriers, excel in their chosen profession and set an example for the women of Southern Nevada and the world.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Sharry Quillin has always loved this city. As an entrepreneur at an early age, Quillin discovered she had a knack for business and a gift of selling. Now media specialist and CFO of Quillin Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media, she married into the advertising business.

As the economy improves and the construction is starting to grow again, Amy Brissette remains the only female commercial construction superintendent working in the Southern Nevada region.

Veteran motor sports reporter Jamie Little joined FOX NASCAR for its 15th season, bringing 13 years of broadcasting experience and a lifetime of racing knowledge to her pit reporting duties in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NASCAR XFINITY Series. Her assignments also include select additional races and special events throughout the year.

Melissa Arias, executive director of Epicurean Charitable Foundation, has a passion to better the community of Las Vegas starting with its future leaders. ECF awards college scholarships to local Clark County students who otherwise may not even attend college and provides each recipient with a mentor from the ECF board for the duration of his or her education.

Pamela Humphrey appreciates the beauty of both fashion and numbers. A fashion designer and entrepreneur, Humphrey established Chic Geek, Inc., a custom, street gear and ready-to-wear women’s clothing line in 2012 and incorporated in 2013. She launched her women’s neck tie line, Mitye, on March 8, 2013, in honor of International Women’s Day.

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. Our Fearless Females demonstrate those qualities personally and professionally. One Fearless Female, through her own experience, helps other women face and conqueror addiction for a more fulfilling life. Another Fearless Female understands the value of a higher education and works to send deserving students to college. Ladies love their fashion and this Fearless Female decided to follow her dream to dress women in beautiful styles. Nevada is their home and these three women are our Fearless Females.

Heather Frost has one primary mission in both her professional and personal life and that is to make the lives of women struggling with addiction better.