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If you have wanted to start a family of your own, there’s no better time to begin than now. For people hoping to create a loving home with the pitter-patter of little feet, the path to parenthood isn’t always easy, but at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, FACOG and Said Daneshmand, MD, FACOG, are igniting new hope and making dreams a reality.

For most young women, you hit your twenties with gusto and excitement for the life that you envision lies before you. From a very early age, most of us imagined that we would graduate from college, land a fabulous dream job, get married, and then after a few years of bliss, start a family.

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is recognized internationally as one of the leading fertility clinics in the world with high success rates, years of experience and a commitment to the advancement of fertility research.

If you’re expecting a baby you might have thought about umbilical cord blood and what to do with it. Here is a breakdown of the process and benefits to weigh as you consider your options.

Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Along with the team of doctors, the Fertility Center also offers nutrition and fitness advice from registered dietician, medical nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Lory Hayon.

Did you know that people also travel to Las Vegas to be treated at one of the most highly respected fertility centers in the world? The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has received international acclaim for their high success rates, extensive experience, groundbreaking research and excellent patient care.

Dr. Shapiro’s findings have reduced the incidence of side effects following ovarian stimulation, improved embryo implantation rates allowing the transfer of fewer embryos.

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