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Living your best self every day should include having the planet’s best interests somewhere in your daily routine.

But for those who hibernate this time of year, you’d rather put up the “do not disturb” sign—especially when that first expensive power bill arrives. You can relax and chill; there are some easy fixes you can do around your home to help you keep your cool and bring your energy costs down this season.

You’ve no doubt heard about California’s recent statewide ban on flimsy, thin plastic grocery bags.

Growing Interest in Green Homes
Market trends show that everything from added insulation, to Low-E windows, solar water heaters and power-producing solar photovoltaic panels that can take your house off the grid can help it sell faster and snag a higher price.

Donate to the Silent Auction which will be a highlight of the Green Carpet Event on Thursday, April 10 at Springs Preserve (5:30 pm)....

Restaurants FARM 24-7 Garm to Table Cafe
Fresh ingredients from local farms including Cowboy Trail Farms and Gilcrease Orchard along with fruits and vegetables found at weekly farmer’s markets are part of the meals made entirely from scratch at FARM 24-7 Farm to Table Café.

Working in Nevada to conserve our energy Denee Evans is the Executive Director of EnergyFit Nevada, the state’s nonprofit sponsor of Home Performance with ENERGY...

By Taylor Makakoa Las Vegas is my home, but over time I’ve come to realize that we need to always think of the other...

spring cleaning naturally
When’s the last time you took an inventory of your cleaning supply cabinet? Chances are it’s full of pricey potions, powders, and sprays that are loaded with chemicals that can cause asthma, allergies, headaches, and sinus problems.

Not only is it green for the earth, but it can put some green back in your wallet By Sherry Swensk Is your home energy smart...