Journey from Real Estate Broker to Reiki Master

When someone is able to realize the depth of their spectacular spiritual gifts, they can create an extraordinary life filled with divine creative joy! From an early age, Jodi Friedman knew that she had a special gift to love people deeply by how she was able to inspire them.

At certain times in people’s lives they come to a fork in the road, and for Jodi that fork changed the direction of her life and elevated her dreams in an unexpected way. When her daughter was 8 years old, Jodi experienced a spiritual awakening that changed everything in her world. She received what some have experienced as a “Night of the Soul Awakening,” which could be considered a rebirth of their most natural and carefree potential. As an adult, this event was the precursor of her intentional spiritual journey into herself. She had seen glimpses of this path at the age of five with a brain injury in a car accident and later while she was studying at Arizona State University. There she began to receive and write spiritual poetry through automatic writing with one movement of the pen; greatly expanding her awareness of the world around her. It wasn’t until her mid 30s that due to certain life adversities, Jodi found herself surrounded by lightworkers and energy healers.

Jodi described the experience as a softening of the heart; a surrendering of everything she had known up until that point. Her senses really expanded when she found Reiki Healing and Energy Balancing. Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy” and out of the many modalities she has studied, this one truly resonates with her.

Her path began with a loving, hardworking furniture family from the Midwest where she embraced their values. The family moved to Las Vegas in search of a warmer climate and business opportunities in the early 1970s.

I’ve learned what the Creator’s definition of unconditional love is; I’ve experienced it deeply…

As a child, Jodi’s free-spirited, pied-piper-like imagination helped her to persuade her friends to live adventurously in a carefree independent way. Later in life, her genuine love for people made it easy for her to create two unlikely side-by-side careers as she embraced her natural ability to sell, just like her father did. Her dad Leon worked many years in the retail and furniture businesses and became one of the co-owners of Walker Furniture. Jodi’s mother Norma showed her how to become a strong and independent thinker. It wasn’t until much later in her life that Jodi would understand her life’s true purpose … to become a facilitator of global healing in the framework of mind, body and spirit through healing from the inside out.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in special education from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, Jodi found selling real estate a fascinating way to make a living in 1983 in Las Vegas. Despite the slow appreciation of homes and higher interest rates throughout the 1980s and 1990s, she earned a good income for herself while raising her daughter Leya. At that same time she owned a small independent real estate company, Golden Image Realty, for eight years.

Finding harmony for her clients was always her goal, using excellent communication systems she plugged into and her inspiring personal development skills. Over the span of a 34-year career, Jodi successfully negotiated for her clients in the ever-changing Southern Nevada market and persevered through the intense bubble and crash of 2006 to 2010. Her natural intuitive ability to understand her clients’ emotional needs made her a valuable asset to them as she sold many homes in that volatile and chaotic market. One of Jodi’s favorite opportunities was as a manager for Century 21 Advantage Gold; holding the position of director of agent training for 800 agents. This was in addition to selling homes on weekends. Jodi learned to move and shake with the best of the best and never looked back.

She embraced her certification as Reiki Master in 1998 and developed her abilities at a time when most people around her weren’t comfortable to talk about the unseen world of healing. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Jodi has given close to 1000 healing sessions since she began working with people in 1996. In 2011, she worked at a Wellness Center (Ganesha Center) for two years and then opened her own spiritual healing center called Intentional Healings.

Teaching Reiki certifications and giving Reiki attunements was something she cherished with many students. Weekly Reiki Shares became a large community event that Jodi facilitated where people could look forward to their continuous growth. Facilitating other’s healing, Jodi taught people to open their spiritual intuitive abilities in order to heal on the inner levels. At times, there would be three to four massage tables set up so that 35 people could practice their skills together. Besides Reiki, Jodi taught classes on Manifesting Goals & Dreams, How to Release and Clear Dissonant Energy in the Home & Office Place, and How to Meditate. With 15 or more different modalities in her toolbox, Jodi offered a smorgasbord of healing tools to support clients that came to her for private healing. She offered classes taught by other teachers in her center and healing events including a John of God Crystal Healing Bed that traveled cross-country.

Years of letting go of difficult negative emotions through an inner release process of her own pain, Jodi became a clear channel for healing core wounds. She is a student of Transcendental Meditation and knows how to work through difficult situations from 20 years of doing her own inner healing work. Spiritual wisdom was passed on through her teachers: Dr Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz and others.

“I’ve learned what the Creator’s definition of unconditional love is; I’ve experienced it deeply with John of God in Brazil, while I was in Bali taking a course in Liberation Breathing with Sondra Ray and most currently every day now as I accept the love of God more and more into my heart,” she explained.

As a master connector, she understands how to manifest joy by transmuting and transforming energy into love through her intention. She thoughtfully teaches others how to meditate in professional settings such as Keller Williams Realty Southwest in Las Vegas and at The Salt Room in Summerlin and is soon to be involved with the healing experience at the Salt Room’s second location in Henderson. Jodi shows others how easy it is to release their worn-out patterns that no longer work and replace them with positive thoughts and feelings through hypnosis, intentional meditation and balance through Reiki healing. The more often clients come to her meditation classes, the easier it is for them to shift the composition of their energy; creating new neural pathways in the brain that can reduce stress and bring them more consistent joy!

Besides healing with Reiki, Jodi works with crystals, crystal sound healing bowls, tuning forks and essential oils to raise the healing potential of the client.

Since Jodi’s 30-year anniversary of selling real estate in 2013, she began to look for the right timing and right people to take over her real estate clientele so that she could focus more fully on the “ entrepreneurial transformation.” She is helping realtors and others recognize their abilities to relax and heal in all four areas of their lives— mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This helps them to create the life they desire including better health, more love and financial stability. Jodi teaches what she learns about life through her intentional healing and meditations. She shows people how to look in the mirror and love what’s natural and true, while releasing those childhood patterns so that they can live a more consistently happy life.

In order to fully give her attention to her healing practice, Jodi found one of the top teams at Keller Williams Realty Southwest to refer her current, past, and future buyers and sellers. She is still currently licensed as a real estate agent in Las Vegas through Referral Real Estate; Keller Williams Realty Southwest’s non-MLS branch.

As a master practitioner and coach of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis, Jodi is well aware of how the conscious and subconscious mind works. The connections between the brain, heart and the soul share wisdom with those wishing to look within to grow past their outdated self.

For Jodi, miracles most definitely work in mysterious ways! She recently experienced an opportunity to grow as an expert Thought Leader in a spiritual movie currently in production produced by Robin Jay, “Becoming the Keys;” Jay’s third movie in the trilogy of consciousness awakening.

Another recent miracle came from someone Jodi had met several years ago at one of her events, a fellow intuitive healer, Theresa Lange. Theresa received and shared a message that Jodi was to call and meet with the publisher of Las Vegas Woman magazine. The message said that she was to share with the world the miraculous gift of healing that everyone carries within them. Although it was a little hard for Jodi to run with this message in the beginning, she understood that the time is now and not later to bravely forge a Large As Life path for those wishing to live their dreams in the fullest expression of their soul! When a person has a “God Moment,” they know it in their gut. This was just that kind of miracle for Jodi, and the trajectory is now set to target global speaking engagements and large group meditations with the intention designed to heal the soul.

Jodi teaches, guides and explores with life. To support the awakening process, the time is NOW. If you’re looking to take your business and personal relationships to the next level, let Jodi take you there!