Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Leads, motivates and celebrates women through mentoring, media and brand promotion

Stephanie Kocher is the publisher and CEO of Las Vegas Woman magazine. She purchased the magazine two years ago in order to work alongside her mother, Vice President Ruth Lauber. She loves helping people and felt the platform of the magazine was an incredible opportunity to reach so many at one time. She believes that, as women, we take on many different roles and have a lot of people leaning on us to help them get through life, so it is important that we take care of ourselves and are happy with our surroundings in order for us to be there for everyone else. Encouraging women to live their best life is something near and dear to Kocher’s heart. Her goal is for women to look at themselves and celebrate where they are in life, at this moment. Life happens; it is rewarding and it can also be challenging at times. Women should be here to cheer one another on and bring out the good in themselves.

Kocher is committed to providing a valuable resource to the women of Las Vegas and beyond. Within the pages of Las Vegas Woman magazine is relevant content that leads, motivates and celebrates women.

“Our content is there as a lighthouse in our valley to not only shine on the triumphs of women, but also to lead those through their trials as guidance to find their way. We offer several pages to help readers navigate through women’s issues and champion them during the process. We also offer women the opportunity to promote themselves in the magazine and bring recognition to their personal brand. It is important to realize we can change our direction at any stage in our lives and I want to help women who feel trapped in their day-to-day to step out and make the change(s) needed in order for them to go live life with purpose and passion.”

Las Vegas Woman magazine strives to be unique in several ways by focusing on women, which is quite different than any other magazine in Nevada. They select their advertising partners very carefully, ensuring that every person and business appearing in the magazine is of the highest quality, integrity and embrace the magazine’s core values. Kocher and her editorial team choose articles to help women on their journey of self-improvement, help women to see the best that is in them, and help women learn to love themselves more every day.

Kocher is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners, United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, United Way’s Tocqueville Society, Las Vegas Metro Chamber, Women’s Chamber and UNLV Foundation. A mother to Kristyn and a grandmother to Chandice and Chase.
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