Leticia’s Cocina & Cantina

Originally from Mexico City, Chef Leticia Mitchell moved with her family to Southern Nevada in 1964. But she never forgot her roots and when she followed her dream to open her first restaurant, she focused on fresh and authentic presentations. Incorporating the real flavors of the old Mexico, Chef Mitchell presents an epicurean tour of Mexico’s most popular regions including Mexico City, Puebla, Guadalajara, and the Mayan Peninsula.

“I first started cooking under the guidance of my mother, who is a passionate, loving, and inspirational teacher. Everyone loved how she cooked her food while creating memories,” Chef Mitchell explained.

Her dream was to open a restaurant to showcase the real flavors of Mexico. But Chef Mitchell got married, started a family, and put her dream on the back burner while living life. To prepare herself, she bussed tables, served food, and worked in the convention industry as well as catered family functions. After working in the gaming and insurance industries as well as the nonprofit sector, Chef Mitchell was ready to pursue her true passion. She found an investor and opened her first location during the worst economy in 2009.

Leticia’s Mexican Cocina continues to thrive, with Leticia’s Cocina & Cantina recently opened in Tivoli Village and a third restaurant is being planned in Henderson. Chef Mitchell is also a proud mother and grandmother as well as chef/restaurateur and community leader.

Leticia’s Cocina & Cantina
Tivoli Village

430 S. Rampart Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89145