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Cover Story
COVID-19 has changed the world and certainly the practice of medicine. One short year ago, Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health system, acquired HealthCare Partners Nevada.

Behind the Scenes
At first glance, this cover image is simply a beautiful photo. Models showed up, glammed-up, and then posed together for that one perfect shot. Looks would be deceiving, however. According to Stephanie Kocher, publisher of Las Vegas Woman magazine, “Never have we gone to the lengths required to ensure safety and compliance as we have for this issue.”

Changing the Landscape of Leadership
They say it takes a village to raise a family, but if there is another thing that we have learned, it is that we need a community to build us up and stand alongside us when we need the support. The women profiled here have proven that they are out to impact positive change within our community.

Lisa Chastain
Lisa Chastain has first-hand experience in financial devastation, which is why she is one of the best coaches to have on your side when it comes to managing your money. Chastain is a renowned financial wellness coach with over 1,000 hours of trained life coaching experience.

Virginia Knudsen
Virginia Knudsen is the founder and CEO of BOAR. Her lifelong passion for helping leaders reach their highest potential, not only in business but also in their everyday life, motivated her to create a unique mastermind entity that addresses people’s growth from a holistic point of view.

Kimberly A. Malloy
Kimberly Malloy, MS, LMFT is the founder of Center for Relational Health-LV and recently appointed executive coach for BOAR. In private practice since 2009, Malloy’s extensive background in corporate training, providing customer service, leadership, management and all forms of personal development for large corporate and small local companies.

Sonia Petkewich
Sonia Petkewich is the founder and CEO of Taurean Consulting Group (TCG). TCG is a 100% woman-owned, Las Vegas IT staffing and project solutions company built on deep relationships, with over 25 years of experience in technology staffing.

Susi Engl is driven by her passion to help people grow both personally and in business. She is a great example of a successful business person, whether it is a man or woman.

Dr. Victoria Chen was born in Taiwan and experienced a traditional Chinese family environment while growing up, emphasizing education and family.

And they lived happily ever after … while that may be a strange way to begin a story, one can easily imagine that is the way the story pans out for LeeAnn and Michael Godard