Health & Age Management

Health & Age Management

Take a look at how eating more plant-based foods can help aid with various health concerns: Weight loss: Feel full on fewer calories. The fiber, vitamins, and minerals that fruits, vegetables, and whole grains offer us are essential to weight loss.

As a full-service eye care practice, Trendsetter Eyewear provides a complete range of eye care services, including computer-assisted eye exams, diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and injury, complete contact lens services including all specialty lens products, co-management for surgical vision correction such as LASIK, PRK, or lens replacement, and frame styling to complement any lifestyle.

Unlike some sports, which call for stop-on-a-dime direction changes that can stress and damage joints, yoga allows for slow entry and exit from poses.

According to JeKeissa Mosley, lead case manager for AFAN, the group was started as a forum for HIV-positive women and female members of their support systems to become educated about HIV/AIDS and share information on how to access care and supportive services.

Having a healthy uterus is essential to qualify as a gestational carrier. Then both the parents and the gestational carrier must be screened for infectious diseases and the carrier is also psychologically screened.

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Having the resources to screen out genetic disorders before you conceive your baby may be ideal for every future parent.