David de Alba’s Judy Garland Tribute Concert

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    Date(s) - 11/11/2012
    2:30 pm

    Onyx Theatre Las Vegas

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    Fee: $10.00 (adults)
    Phone: 702-732-7225

    David de Alba’s fascination with Judy Garland spans back to the late 1960’s. He was just a teenager when he finally got to meet his American singing idol in Chicago. On this occasion, when David told Judy herself that he did an impersonation act on her, she said to him: “Do you like me that much?” and added: ” I would love to catch your act but I have to leave tomorrow morning early to continue my tour”… then she kissed him on the cheek as she walked away….

    At that time, David’s act was a small two song live singing impersonation of Judy Garland, but after this encounter, David’s act became a complete live concert format. His act now comprises singing many of Judy’s best well-known songs and doing several narrations; some are Garland’s own anecdotes she told during the 1960’s and some are David’s own anecdotes about meeting Judy and about other people connected with the Judy Garland Fan Club, who in time became David’s friends and also fans of his act.

    David also owns one of the more unique Garland/OZ Memorabilias for which many members of the media have taken a notice in the past.

    David’s performances as ‘Judy’ has earned him lots of praise from historians / critics and fans. People who know him always ask him when he is going to do Judy on his next appearance. David says it has brought him a lot of luck through the years because it has created a large body of followers for his act.

    David has always claimed that he can’t ever duplicate Garland’s lovely voice (but who can?). Instead, when he impersonates Judy, he brings all the color, essence, great appreciation and love that he has for the Star… and it shows in his stage act!